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My Dream

I have been using a rosary lately to help me pray more often and to focus my prayers on particular Scriptures, subjects and creeds. I have been thoroughly enjoying this and I could always write a post about how exactly I pray through the rosary, but I only mention it in this post because it plays a crucial role in a dream I had.
I was down in Washington for a course this past weekend, and while I was there I had this dream.
In the dream I was praying, holding the cross on my rosary. However, the edges of the cross were like broken glass, and, as I clenched it in my hand, it sliced my palm open and I started to bleed. Then, looking around me, I realised that I was in the ghetto close to my work and the ground was covered with people laying down, bleeding to death. I went up to the closest person, a man, and thought that maybe the blood that was coming out of my hand could go into his wound and restore him. So I put my hand over his wound and my blood started passing into him. However, as I looked at him I realised that his whole body was covered in wounds and he was losing far more blood out of his body, than he was gaining from my hand. So, I looked around for help and I saw people I knew, Church people/Christians, walking by. I called out to them, told them we needed more help otherwise everybody was going to bleed to death — and I held my rosary out to them. One by one they grabbed on to the cross and had their hands cut open. However, every one of them screamed or yelled when they were cut and ran away until I was the only one left. So, desperate to get more blood into the man I was standing by, I took the cross and lacerated my whole body with it and laid down on top of the man so that my wounds covered his. But even then he was still losing blood faster than he was gaining it. And so we laid there together and slowly bleed to death. As I was losing consciousness I heard a voice saying, “I am the resurrection and the life, no one comes to the Father except through me.”
And then I woke up.

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