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An Aside (because my last few posts were too long)

The tragedy of the Church is that it has failed to be a place that heals brokenness. Therefore, Christians come to Church so overwhelmed by their own wounds, that they have no desire, or ability, to journey into the brokenness of others. Instead they run away from any broken people or places. Tragically, the Church becomes that which helps people to flee from brokenness instead of that which encourages us to journey into all brokenness so that all can be healed.
Another way of stating this tragedy would be as follows:
The tragedy of the Church is that it has failed to embody the proclamation of the forgiveness of sins and has, instead, attempted to aid in the flight from the world of Sin and Death, rather than being an agent of God's new creation.
(And if there is no healing, no forgiveness, and no new creation in our churches, then I can't help but wonder if there is no Spirit there as well…)

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